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New Business, New Branding!

Gill Foster realised her skills could be put toward a very rewarding career. Using her knowledge and training in the care of dogs, cats and small pets, coupled with her already established local clients, she decided to make it official. Thus, Aggie's Dog Walks and Pet Care was born.

As with most branding, it began with a logo... I've created a few varieties depending on the medium they are employed upon. The background colour is variable as well.

Aggie's Dog Walks & Pet Services Logo

Following the logo, came the business cards, and flyers...

Aggie's Dog Walks & Pet Services BC Front

Aggie's Dog Walks & Pet Services Flyer

And finally the website...

If you are local to the Ettiley Heath, Elworth or Sandbach, UK areas, you can find Gill at:


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