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2 Wedding Feasts by Edna's Kitchen

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Over the summer, I had the fun challenge of trying to take some photos at weddings that Edna’s Kitchen were providing the catering. The trick was to stay out of the way, not photograph people and somehow take decent photos of the food and tables. The venues were very different... one in central Bristol, the other in rural West Somerset.

The goal? To help Edna expand her amazing catering business. I‘d certainly recommend the food. From savoury dishes to desserts, she provides it all. These photos only show a glimpse of what Edna's Kitchen offers, but it’s a start. More catering food photography soon!

© 2022 Photography by Catherine M. Stewart

For more information about Edna's Kitchen see the company website:

Where you will also see many more of my photographs.

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